We can deliver a short free assessment of your product potential, likely competition and possible routes to market. This will cost you nothing and commit you to nothing. From that point we can work with you to develop a robust export proposition and propose a plan to launch your product in the local marketplace We can provide a report on market opportunities, explain the processes required to begin your export campaign and the legislative and regulatory hurdles to be overcome. We can advise upon company structure, and how to go about setting up a business in Australia and how to protect your intellectual property and trademark. In short we can equip you to trade successfully and to deliver profitable business results.  



Results are what it is all about! We will help you to get those results with the minimum of expense and effort. That is not to say that we won't have to work hard to achieve the outcomes you want but with good preparation and planning,  market knowledge and a sound strategy you will  be well equipped to achieve the success you deserve. 



What do you know about the Australian market and what do you just assume you know?  Australia is a good market for UK goods but it is a different marketplace and can't be considered to be a bit of Surrey in the South Pacific simply because we speak English and have the Queen's head on our coins! We can help you understand how your product will fit into the market place and where best to position it to maximise success and profits. We can help you to formulate a strategy and provide the contacts that are right for you and your product!. With the recent decision to exit the EC, UK companies will be looking to find new markets. Many will wait until the UK has left the EC before looking for those new markets and by that time it will be too late!  You need to be investigating those opportunities now.



To venue into an unknown market without planning and thorough research is at best foolhardy and can be disastrous. No two products are alike and every export strategy should be different. What is right for one company is not going to be right for another. It is a case of horses for courses! A market planning  programme will help you understand the market, work out your strengths, understand and eliminate your weaknesses. Richard Harper has been  involved in international trade for over 25 years and has a huge repertoire of contacts and experience, working with small and not-so-small clients and guiding them towards export success.